Design and calculation of facilities: Focussing on guaranteeing client comfort these are considered in full coordination with architect and interior projects Sectorization of building facilities to reduce consumption according to occupation and time of year.
Consideration to accessibility, maintenance and cost of replacing facilities. Detailed analysis of investment and operation costs. Design of schemes from the beginning and machine lay out regarding available space. Choice of materials which allow easy repair and replacement regarding the importance of the same.

Optional Work Management: With the aim of obtaining the designed building, it is necessary to have an Executive Installations Technical Management with a personal following of the work, contrasting materials, assemblies, tests and official approvals. This allows the adaptation of the design to possible changes in the architecture or interiors without losing the initial concept and all of this in real time. Writing up plans as-built of completed facilities.

Administrative management: Arrangements with utility companies to provide supplies. Applications with official organizations for obtaining authorizations necessary for the opening of the establishment (Project and activity license, Facilities projects, Industry or collaborating entity authorizations ...).

Operations analysis: Audits in the facilities field, Study of application regulations in different facilities and its conditions on existing distributions, Investments to be made for the adaptation of facilities to regulations, Analysis of energy consumption and contraction, proposal for improvements in energy efficiency and its following, Energy analysis of the function of the production/energy certification elements.