IHP for whom?

The International Hospitality Projects (IHP) Services are designed to cover the requirements of any participant in a Hotel Project Operation and are:

  • Promoters/Investors, guaranteeing the development and management of the Operation from all points of view and from the start of negotiations until the Hotel opening. Also benefitting from a specialized negotiator with its partner or hotel operator.

  • Operators and Hotel Operators, turning us into their technical department which speaks the same language and which will ensure that the Construction Project meets operational and functional requirements bringing them our accumulated know-how.

  • Consultancies, bringing our hotel specialty by means of operations analysis from a technical asset viability point of view, creating and defining more specifically the current set possibilities and therefore improving the efficiency of the negotiations with possible investors and/or operators.

  • Financial bodies, developing for them any Technical Service which may be necessary to value assets and advising and managing all those actions recommended on the asset which minimize risk.


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