Palacio de Solecio

We converted a historic building in Malaga into a boutique hotel


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The old Palace of Marqués de La Sonora, located at number 61 Calle Granada,was acquired along with the plots of land numbers 57 and 59 by the investment fund managed by real estate ASG Iberia Advisors as part of its strategic plan in the Spanish hotel market to turn it into a boutique hotel. The operation was advised by the hotel management platform Alsotel Hospitality Group.



We carried out the Integrated Management of Project and Construction and the Direction of execution of work; in addition we developed the projects of engineering and interior design of the boutique hotel that has 68 rooms.
The project contemplated the conservation of the façade, as well as the recovery of the façade and the arch of the hallway. The roofs are inclined, of curved Arabic tile, to four waters, with a composition topped by a tower. In addition, on the façade overlooking Calle Granada, at number 61, the mural paintings detected in the previous project have been restored.
The new hotel, located on Calle Granada and called Palacio Solecio, has two original interior patios, as well as meeting rooms, conference rooms and a gymnasium. In a later phase, and after acquiring two plots located in the street Tomás de Cózar, ASG will undertake the construction of the annex to the hotel: A work that will provide 50 additional rooms, bringing the hotel to 115, plus a swimming pool and a bar on the roof. This extension is expected to be completed by 2021.

Architectural heritage

The recovery of this historical enclave will be a milestone in the urban development of Malaga.

The Palacio de Solecio – better known as the Palace of Marqués de La Sonora – is an 18th century building located in the historic center of Malaga. The project includes the preservation of the façade, as well as the recovery of the entryway and the entrance hall arch.  As for the roofing, it will be inclined with Arabic curved tiles, on four sides, with the structure topped off by a tower. In addition, the mural paintings found in the previous project will be restored on the façade that faces Calle Granada, at the top of number 61.