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Refurbishment and integral rehabilitation of Hotel 5*.


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The Client, especially involved and with a broad business vision, undertook this project in the hands of IHP to carry out the reform and comprehensive rehabilitation of the property and transform it into one of the boutique hotels of reference in the heart of the old town of Palma.

The hotel, which stands on top of an old Palma nobleman’s house and boasts outstanding protected elements from the 17th and 18th centuries, envisaged the construction of 27 rooms, a sun terrace on the roof and a spa, after a profound transformation of its 1,690 m2 built.

The project was based on the desire to extol the original architecture of the building, respecting the original elements and integrating them into the architectural solution.


The project sought to return the building to its original origins and appearance, eliminating any superfluous additions later and recovering the old entrances between the shopping streets. In the process, discoveries of special interest and architectural value were made, such as a series of Gothic arches with ogival layout that formed the main nave and which was later reconverted into a common and diaphanous space in the hotel.

During the excavation of the vaulted area of the basement, now the hotel spa, a series of giant jars used to preserve the grain were discovered. All of them were donated to the Archaeological Museum of Mallorca, except for one, which was ceded to the hotel by the institution itself so that it could be exhibited.

Century-old wooden beams, antique door carpentries, antique terracotta flooring… Everything was restored and reused in various rooms to give the hotel its own character and idiosyncrasy.

Small punctual demolitions were carried out to adapt the new uses to the existing building. The project was articulated around two central courtyards: the first of them maintained the essence of the traditional courtyards of Mallorcan noble houses, while the second was transformed into a courtyard with modern and minimalist lines that above all sought to prioritise the entry of light on all floors.

At the same time, the roof became a small swimming pool that reminded us of the old Mallorcan-inspired outdoor cisterns (sefareig) with which the space was transformed into a unique enclave, surrounded by the characteristic terracotta landscape of the roofs in the centre of Palma.

Tradition and modernity

Boutique hotel in a catalogued building located in the Jewish quarter of Palma.

Intervention in a protected building maintaining and recovering old elements from the 17th and 18th centuries to integrate them into the new hotel use, playing with the modern and the traditional.