Hostel Bastardo1

Brand new building for a hostel in the center of Madrid

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The ambition of this project is to flee the image that our subconscious associates with hostels. That is why it has gone a little further, taking care of both the common spaces and the different types of rooms of which it consists. This has been done all under the protection of a revolutionary approach, careful design and the implementation of new technologies.



Affection, experience and dedication.

Our main, fundamental function has been to coordinate all the agents involved in the design and execution phases, to create the right environment for work, collaboration and commitment to the project, and to keep clear, open and fluid communication all while maintaining a common goal and objective.

Fundamental, teamwork. Two operators, one from the hostel and one from the restaurant, with different visions and needs. An architecture and engineering study. Two interior design studios. A study of graphic design and brand image. There are also archaeological, acoustic, hospitality and new technology advisors and collaborators. All independent, but collaborating and paddling together in the same direction.

On-site. In the execution phase, in addition to the close collaboration with the operators and the design teams, and understanding their needs and concerns, the execution of the entire project was managed day to day and hour by hour by guiding, controlling and coordinating more than 20 direct contractors and almost 30 suppliers, with both their own work and equipment.

Renewed or die

A new product

This project has been a paradigm shift, going from a conventional hotel to a hostel. Not to a conventional hostel though, but to Hostel Bastardo. Part of this operation’s success was not just understanding but becoming part of the client’s vision of the project while adapting to their requirements and needs.