IHP launches new website

January, 2019
IHP nueva web
At IHP we think that “future” has a lot to do with what we do in the present. So for our new website, we have opted for the integration of services and a new, more elegant, intuitive and dynamic design with which to make the information accessible for everyone from any device.

A firm commitment in which design and content are added, which will continue to keep you up-to-date and informed about everything that happens in IHP.

Thanks to the invaluable work of the multidisciplinary team of Erretres, we have been able to launch a new website in which the essence of who we are is conveyed and looks forward without forgetting our history.

Our website, in first person, is especially visual, graphic and communicates our mission. It’s adapted to new needs and trends, thanks to its bilingual support and multi-device navigation. It also has a simple appearance that is capable of adapting to new communication challenges and visual needs.

Now, much more information about our services and projects are available to you. It is easier to discover our experience in Project Management, Architecture, Interior Design and FF&E, Technical Consulting, Engineering or Facility Management. In addition, you can learn more about who we are, discover part of our figures and history, keep up with our news, and of course, contact us.

We hope you enjoy the result as much as we have been involved with the process. Welcome to your home! Welcome to IHP!